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Congratulations on your decision to sell!

The professionals at Maximus Title can help you throughout the process. If you can answer “yes” to the questions below, you may want to act on your own. You can download our FSBO (for sale by owner) package for all the forms and documents you need to get started. If not, we urge you to call a local real estate professional. Be sure to tell them you want to use Maximus Title.

Are you prepared to …
• Set the right selling price?

If your price is too high, you eliminate many qualified buyers. If your price is too low, you will make less money and buyers may wonder if there is something wrong that you are not disclosing.
DO NOT – base your selling price on your tax assessment or by your emotional attachment to your “home”.
DO – Check out the competition by looking at other homes for sale in your geographical area of similar size and structure and/or have your home appraised by a professional.

• Effectively market your home?

Make sure the property is looking its best and get the word out. Place classified ads in local papers. If you use a “For Sale By Owner” yard sign, be sure to include “by appointment only”. Host an open house. Market you home on line. The internet gives you access to countless buyers who may be looking in your area and would not be exposed to other marketing. There are many options, including the ability to have your home listed on the MLS which will let potential buyer’s realtors know about your property.

• Negotiate an offer to purchase?

Try to give the impression that you are in no hurry to sell. Always ask for a few days to consider any offer. Even if you are desperate, never let the buyer or their realtor know it. If a buyer is getting a mortgage, ask if they are pre-qualified. Don’t be afraid to counter offer. If an offer is close to what you want, consider how long your home has been on the market and how quickly you need to move. You could just be priced a little too high. If you do not understand all of your responsibilities as a seller, we strongly urge you to seek the advice of a competent real estate professional or attorney.

• Go to the closing table?

This is where we come in. We will coordinate with the buyer and their lender and prepare all the documents necessary to close. We will hold the deposit and receive and disburse all funds. If you are presented with a purchase agreement from a buyer’s realtor that names another title/escrow company, insist on using Maximus Title for your side of the transaction.

Federal law gives you the right to choose your own title company. Make the right choice with Maximus Title.
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